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Roofing contractors can have a challenge in the unique Houston climate. HRS knows and understands those challenges and has been overcoming them for more than 25 years using only the best materials and most experienced roofers in the area.

Meeting the Challenge of Environmental Stewardship in Houston Restoration Services Applications
  • Living roofs are quickly catching on as a way to insulate the home while at the same time adding beauty and curb appeal. Houston Restoration Services is one of the few companies that has certifications in the installation of both intensive and extensive living roof systems.
  • Solar panels and shingles are a great way to reduce a home's environmental footprint while increasing energy efficiency and lowering monthly energy costs. Installing solar shingles or panels may qualify Houston roofing homeowners for certain tax rebates and credits with their local utility provider.
Houston Restoration Services Strives for Excellence in Every Area of Business
  • Houston Restoration Services hires only experienced professional roofers. Our least experienced roofer has 12 years of experience working with Houston roofing companies. This makes the company the most qualified roofer in the area.
  • For safety and security of the homeowners and their families, Houston Restoration Services never hires roofers without extensive credentials to back up their work. This means all of their contractors on the job site are fully licensed, bonded and insured.
  • Houston Restoration Services has been in business since 1984. They have persevered for more than a quarter of a century a testimony to the contractors with great work ethic and their quality workmanship.
  • Houston Restoration Services keeps up with the latest technological advances in roofing contractors materials, which allows homeowners to purchase the most environmentally responsible roof at a great price, while searching for a good company.
  • As a GAF certified roofer, Houston Restoration Services offers warranties on both materials and workmanship that companies with non-certified roofers cannot.

Roofers from Houston Restoration Services of Houston TX would be happy to answer any question you have about commercial roofing, residential roofing, storm damage or remodeling.

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Houston Restoration Services: Trustworthy Storm Damage Repair from Roofers

After the storm, I thought my roof was fine, but my neighbor insisted I call a Houston Roofing company to make sure. I'm glad I did. John for HRS came out, inspected the roof and saw that the hail had damaged over 80 percent of the asphalt shingles. He even talked with the insurance adjuster and helped me file my claim.

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Longevity in the Roofing Industry

It's not often that a roofing company outlasts the warranty on its work, but that is just what Houston Restoration Services has done. With the average life expectancy of a roofing company coming in at five years, most roofing companies aren't around to honor the warranties on their workmanship, even if they had good intentions to begin with. This reality has left many homeowners vulnerable, but Houston Restoration Services is different. This company has been on the roofing scene for over 30 years. This means that the roofing contractors have been able to stand behind every warranty on every job they have ever done. They have successfully weathered recessions, economic downturns, tech bubbles and the housing collapse of 2008. Homeowners who choose this company as their roofing contractors can rest assured that the roof they put on today will have its warranty fully honored.

Houston Restoration Services can be trusted to provide fast, affordable service from reliable, experienced roofers.

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