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Homeowners who are considering a new roof have more options today than ever before in their choice of roofing materials. While asphalt shingles continue to be the most popular option, many homeowners are considering new materials to give their homes a different look or to save money and energy. Houston roofing contractors can help homeowners decide on the right roofing material for their individual needs.

When choosing the right roofing material for a new roof, there are several things to consider. First, the roofing material must be the right type for the home and for the climate. While tile roofing is popular in coastal areas, it is not as popular in places that frequently see heavy snowfall, due to its inability to withstand excessive weight. Similarly, dark composite shingles are more appropriate on a roof in a cooler climate than in a climate wherein temperatures are consistently high.

Quality is another consideration when purchasing roofing materials. Generally speaking, homeowners should buy the best material they can afford, although there are some materials that do not deliver as much performance for the money as others. Quality asphalt shingles are usually guaranteed to last between 20 and 30 years, while metal and tile may last 50 years or longer. The homeowner must weigh the difference in cost versus the longevity of the material in question to determine if spending more will be cost effective.

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A homeowner must also consider the weather worthiness of a particular roofing material. Areas that experience hurricanes, for example, have roofing considerations that are very different from desert areas. A roofing contractor in Houston will often discuss issues such as hurricane straps and other fixtures that may need to be installed on a roof in order to protect it against the elements. In some cases, they may also advise using one material over another based on the position of the home and the likelihood that it will undergo damage from various types of weather.

Finally, homeowners may want to consider whether or not their roofing material is ecofriendly. While kinder to the environment, roofs made of "green" material are just as durable as other materials can be. Additionally, many roofing materials manufactured today are designed to save the homeowner in energy costs, especially when combined with increased insulation and other energy saving measures. A good roofing contractor can be invaluable in advising homeowners on the various materials available for a roof and in choosing the material that best combines cost, utility and longevity.

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