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Houston Restoration Services has been providing the greater Houston area with outstanding residential and commercial roofing, remodeling and repair services for over 20 years. As an independently owned, family-oriented business, Houston Restoration Services is proud to be certified with numerous national and local roofing manufacturers, including GAF. The company's professionals are dedicated to providing modern materials and innovative installation and design for roofing, remodeling and repairs, including green roofs, solar panel shingles and much more.

South Texas storms can cause severe damage to a roofing structure that may initially look small and insignificant, but even a tiny leak can have major consequences and lead to costly repairs if left unattended. At Houston Restoration Services, certified roofers can inspect storm damages, free of charge, and develop an accurate and cost-effective plan to take care of those damages before they become a costly headache. These professionals can work with insurance carriers to wade through the paperwork and regulations so that homeowners get the maximum allowed reimbursement.

Planning a new building comes with many decisions that can affect the efficiency of a home or business. At Houston Restoration Services, certified roofers and construction professionals can assist home and business owners in making the best choices to maximize efficiency while creating a beautiful design. They are certified to install all types of roofing materials, including green roofs and photovoltaic panels that can provide significant cost savings for energy consumption.

Green roofs and solar roofing are the next generation in roofing materials that not only save money but also help the environment. There are different types of green roofing that require varying degrees of maintenance. Talking with a professional at Houston Restoration Services can help determine what best suits the home or business. With a solar roofing system, a solar roof may be able to meet 100 percent of the property's energy needs yet have a design that is almost invisible. Unlike traditional solar panels that often don't blend with the design aesthetic, solar roofing panels are hardly noticeable, and Houston Restoration Services technicians routinely teach property owners everything they need to know about running a home or business on solar energy.

While having a new roof installed or an existing one repaired, it may be a good time to think about other remodeling projects as well. Using the same company for all one's construction needs makes good sense as there is a continuity of design and vision for enhancing a home or business. Homeowners can update the kitchen or bath, add outdoor living space with a new deck or patio, or build a sun room for the family to enjoy. The professionals at Houston Restoration Services thrive on making dreams a reality.

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