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All around Texas and throughout the United States, copper theft is becoming increasingly common. As the price per pound of copper has increased, thieves have taken to stripping homes and businesses of this valuable material. Many homes are outfitted with rain gutters and leaders made from copper due to the material's beauty, durability and strength. Copper roof fixtures can also function to add a distinct touch to historic homes. Homeowners can work with a local Houston roofing service to help prevent against theft of their copper roof accessories.

One way that homeowners can protect their attractive and functional copper gutters and downspouts is to engrave the property owner's address on the interior side of the gutters. If a thief attempted to cut the gutter loose and haul it to a scrap yard or recycling facility, the address would become evident and the trade in would be denied. Authorities would be contacted and the homeowner would have proof of ownership.

Another method that property owners might find useful is to use a specialty paint such as ultraviolet light activated paint, or Data Dot paint. These paints can be applied to the interior part of the gutter. When a special light is shown onto the locations where the paint was placed, it will glow. Alternatively, homeowners could spray a fluorescent orange or green spray paint the insides of the gutters with their address.

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The paint would not be visible from the curb view of the house but would alert any responsible scrap yard operator to the fact that the copper was not legitimately obtained.

Around the perimeter of the home, owners can cut back landscaping that obscures views. This helps to make the home more visible, which would make a copper thief stand out to passersby. The addition of spotlights, motion detecting lights and perimeter lights also helps to deter potential thieves. If the home has a fence, the gate should be kept locked at all times. Garage doors and sheds should also remain closed and secured, even when the owners are at home.

If a homeowner plans to take a vacation or be away from the house for an extended period of time, security checks may be offered by the local police department or homeowner's association. This can help detect unusual activities such as someone climbing up to the roof or lurking around the home looking for valuable items. Security systems can also be installed to include detectors along the rooftop so that the security service is alerted to motion when the system is armed.

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