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Whether a person lives in an existing home or is considering purchasing a new residence, one of the main aspects of a home that should be reviewed is the status of the existing roof. If a roof is damaged, worn and needs repair by a Houston roofing company, it can be a costly job. If a person is considering the purchase of a home that needs a new roof, they will want to factor that cost into the purchasing price. Regardless of the situation, homeowners and prospective buyers should be familiar with some warning signs so that they avoid the pitfalls of a roof that leaks.

One sign that a homeowner should look for when determining the current lifespan of a roof is if it has any clawing or curling shingles. Curling may occur in an attic space that is improperly ventilated. Signs of curling are shingles that appear bent and are curling under themselves or upwards. Curling shingles can also occur if the nails that are securing them down have expanded and inched themselves upward. Curling shingles can come about due to time and weather conditions, lack of ventilation or improper nailing during installation.

A roofing expert from Houston Restoration Services of Houston would be happy to answer any questions you have about commercial roofing or storm damage.

Shingle decay is another sign that a roof needs to be repaired or replaced. Missing granules or bare spots on shingles are an indication that a roof has been in place for a few years. These washed away areas can occur from downspouts that have been poorly placed. In these situations, water flow increases and wears on shingles in specific spots. When protective coatings are washed away, it leaves shingles susceptible to heat, sun exposure, hardening and decay. This will eventually lead to an entry point for water leaks to occur.

Broken or missing shingles is an obvious sign of a roof that needs to see some professional help. When shingles are missing, weak spots in a roof can be created and can potentially lead to water damage. Shingles can break off over time due to excessive winds. Another sign of a roof in need of help is when wave distortions are present. Buckled shingles can form due to age, a wet environment or underlayment that has become damp and worn down over time.

If any of these symptoms are present on the existing roof, or a roof of a home that an individual is thinking about purchasing, it's advisable to contact a professional roof technician to assess the damage and estimate a cost of repair.

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