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Of all of the roofing options available on the market, approximately 80 percent of all U.S. homes have asphalt shingles on them. Houston roofing companies are often asked to install these shingles due to their price. However, there are a number of variations in this material that can affect the quality and price of asphalt roofing. By learning about these materials and styles, a homeowner can determine if these shingles are right for their home.

Composition shingles is one term a homeowner may hear when it comes to asphalt roofing. This is really just another term for asphalt shingles. Usually the asphalt is combined with both fiberglass and organic materials to create a shingle referred to as a composite shingle. Organic shingles are those with an organic core, which are usually made of paper and wood fibers that resemble felt. While these used to be a standard shingle type, they do not offer a long life expectancy. These days, organic shingles are usually only used in dry, cold climates. Fiberglass shingles are also an option, and they are ideal for many homes, as they offer resistance to fire and moisture.

There are also different styles of asphalt shingles. For instance, strip shingles are one option, and these represent the traditional asphalt shingles.

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Also known as three tab shingles, they allow for a range of patterns, and installers can use these strips to create shadows and light. Laminated shingles are another option for homeowners. These are also known as three dimensional or architectural shingles. These shingles vary in thickness, spacing and number, which are all used to create a three dimensional look that is dynamic and eye catching.

Interlocking shingles also are available for those interested in asphalt shingles, and, unsurprisingly, these shingles interlock. Though they are less popular than laminated or strip shingles, they can be a great option for homeowners who live in windy climates. The final type is individual shingles. These shingles are used due to their flexibility and wide variety of patterns. However, since these shingles are individual pieces, they can take a very long time to put on, which can contribute to higher labor costs.

Many homeowners choose asphalt shingles over other shingles due to the lower cost, but there are a few points to consider prior to installation. For instance, these shingles are not as durable as other shingles on the market. Though asphalt shingles often come with a warranty from the manufacturer, they can deteriorate sooner if there were problems during the installation process. Therefore, if a homeowner has a 50 year warranty on their asphalt shingles, but it is determined that the roofing company didn't use the right specifications during the installation, that warranty is null and void.

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