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When it comes to installing a skylight, homeowners have many options. One style of skylight that is gaining in popularity is the sun tunnel. Unlike skylights that create big holes in a roof, a sun tunnel gives homeowners the extra light of a skylight, and can be installed relatively easily by Houston roofing professionals.

Before homeowners can decide if they want a sun tunnel, they should be familiar with the advantages and disadvantages associated with its installation. A sun tunnel resembles a skylight that features a round dome rather than a flat window. The dome is designed in such a way as to capture the maximum amount of sunlight and direct it into the house via a tubular shaft. The tubular shaft allows homes with attics to take advantage of a skylight, and these structures can illuminate areas that are normally dark and drafty.

While it might seem like magic for so much light to enter a room via one small opening, it's really due to the optical engineering of the sun tunnel. The top of the sun tunnel is covered with a specialized dome, which allows the rays of the sun to travel through. Homeowners do not have to worry about the dome's materials becoming aged or cracked.

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Then, the light intensifies as it enters the reflective tunnel. The result is an intense, natural light that does not change in color. As it enters the room, the intense light spreads out evenly, which prevents glares and bright spots from forming in the area.

Some homeowners use sun tunnels to lighten up their attics. Others use it to light up dim hallways during the day. In some cases, the light from the moon at night is enough to provide a soft, natural glow that can easily illuminate a room.

Although sun tunnels are less intrusive than skylights, it's still best to have professionals install this type of feature. This is because long shafts and obstructions in an attic could become troublesome for homeowners who try to install sun tunnels on their own. Experts can easily overcome these obstacles.

Sun tunnels also require that homeowners cut holes into their roofing deck. Anytime a hole is cut in a roofing deck, it becomes susceptible to forming leaks. The area around skylights has to be checked at least twice a year by a professional to ensure that cracks in the sealant around the skylight aren't beginning to form.

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