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Home insurance is a legal requirement in many states. This is especially true for homeowners who have purchased their homes with a mortgage. However, many homeowners don't realize that their insurance policy should protect them from financial burdens should a storm cause damage to their home. Storm damage is caused by the forces of nature and not by negligence. To ensure that homeowners do not also suffer from significant financial loss, it is essential to consult both a Houston roofing contractor and an insurance agent before making restoration repairs to a house.

Storm damage can come from many different aspects of severe storms. While it may seem obvious that tornadoes cause the most damage to structures and properties, even small hail can result in significant damage to a roof. Even if the damage only looks minimal, it can be difficult for many homeowners to see the full extent of hail damage.

Storm damage to a home can also come from wind. Straight line wind and large gusts of wind can rip shingles off of a roof. These winds also pick up debris that may cause damage to the roof or another part of the home.

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It is virtually impossible to protect the roof from wind and hail. However, homeowners should ensure that toys, garden tools and other movable objects are secure in the event of a storm.

Homeowner's insurance is typically required for storms, fires and other natural disasters. While many banks that fund mortgages require insurance to protect their own investments from damage, it is of benefit to homeowners as well. When searching for good home insurance options, it is important to negotiate a good policy with an agent and agency that has a solid, professional record. By doing this, homeowners can work to prevent further difficulties in emergency situations.

Homeowners have a second important ally when their homes have been damaged from storms or other disasters. A good local contractor will often fight on behalf of a homeowner with insurance company policy issues. They have the experience of dealing with hundreds of cases of storm damage claims, and they can recognize difficulties in the process early on.

Finding a trustworthy contractor to have on hand during emergencies can mean the difference between a small amount of damage and the loss of a home. With the help of a contractor and an insurance agent, homeowners can protect one of the biggest investments they will ever make: their home.

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