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There are many factors to consider when repairing or installing a roof, such as life expectancy, durability and cost, which can help determine which roof is best suited to a homeowners needs. One type of roof that is becoming increasingly popular is a green roof. There are many advantages of having a green roof installed, such as improving the air quality in the surrounding environment. If a homeowner is considering this type of unique roof, then he or she should contact a reputable Houston roofing expert for more information.

A green roof can also be referred to as an "eco roof," and typically consists of five layers. These layers include the roof deck, a waterproof membrane, soil filter fabric, inches of soil mixture and plants that can withstand droughts. There are two types of green roofs, which include extensive green roofs and intensive green roofs. An extensive green roof is relatively simple to install and typically features a three inch deep soil mix, which makes it less costly and lighter as opposed to intensive roofing. An intensive roof usually features a wider range of plants, and the vegetation is planted into the soil mix on the rooftop.

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An intensive soil mixture is at least eight inches deep, but it can be up to 15 inches in depth.

When a homeowner has a green roof installed, it can reduce cooling and heating costs substantially. According to a German study, green roofs can absorb up to half the heat that is usually lost to convection during the winter months. Another Canadian study found that green roofing can reduce daily air conditioning energy demand by 75 percent during the summer months.

A green roof can also last longer than other types of roofs. Due to the soil mix and vegetation on green roofs, the waterproof membrane and decking are protected from sunlight and extreme weather conditions better than tiles or shingles. As a result, green roofs can last two to three times longer than traditional roofing products.

When a homeowner has a green roof installed, it can help reduce rainwater runoff significantly. During rainstorms, a green roof absorbs about 40 percent of rainwater and acts like a sponge. The vegetation, soil and roots filter out some of the pollutants that were pulled from the air and reside in the rainwater. As a result, the runoff is much cleaner and better for the environment. Green roofs can also help sewer systems adjust to an overabundance of rainwater because they can delay the runoff of rainwater into sewers by 45 minutes.

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