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When looking to protect a roof against the elements and to keep it in top condition for years to come, homeowners should consider the installation of a leak barrier. The first step is to locate a reliable Houston roofing company and consult with them about protecting the roof from leaks caused by water and ice. Damage from water and ice can be costly, as it affects not only the roof but also the ceiling of the house beneath. These leaks can occur from water damming the gutters, heavy rain and ice dams.

Different types of leak barriers exist for different types of roofs. However, all of them are applied under the roof shingles. For the highest rate of efficiency, the brand of the leak barrier should be the same as the brand of the roof shingle. Leak barriers can be purchased at most commercial home repair retailers, but it is always a wise choice to hire a professional roofer to install the leak barrier to ensure that the job is completed correctly. Leak barriers are most needed in leak prone areas such as chimneys, dormers, skylights and vent pipes. The leak barrier should also prevent water from backing up behind the roof gutters.

While leak barriers are required by building codes in many northern areas of the United States, they are also useful in places like South Texas.

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The heavy and sometimes unpredictable precipitation in this area can cause severe roof damage if the roof is not properly protected with a leak barrier. Installing a leak barrier is always worth it because the damage that can occur if this structure is not in place can affect both the roof deck and the interior ceiling and walls. Proper attic ventilation and insulation is highly recommended when using a leak barrier because it can trap moisture in the attic.

Leak barriers are one of the best ways to fortify a roof from expensive water and ice damage. Even if the homeowner lives in an area that does not usually experience high levels of freezing weather, a leak barrier can still protect against heavy rainfall and other forms of precipitation. When building a new roof or repairing an old one, South Texas residents should ensure that they have a leak barrier in place, preferably one that was installed by a professional roofing company. A roof is the first line of defense against the elements, but a roof should be fortified with a leak barrier to offer the highest level of protection possible.

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