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Most people take their roof for granted until a leak appears. It is common for homeowners to notice leaks in their roof during the spring when heavy rains occur. A leak in the roof is not a cause for panic. Houston roofing professionals can easily repair most leaks, especially if they are caught early enough. There are a few locations where leaks are most likely to occur, and homeowners should give these areas special attention when inspecting their roofs.

The most problematic area for leaks is the chimney. Leaks occur around the chimney because of problems with the flashing, old and deteriorated caulking, and cracks. If leaks are caused because of old caulking, applying sealant to the base of the chimney may stop the leak. Cracked or otherwise damaged flashing will need to be repaired or replaced.

A second area where roof leaks commonly appear is around skylights. When properly installed, skylights add natural illumination to the home. However, if they are improperly installed, they can cause a lot of headaches. Leaks around the skylight are not always easy to find. A good portion of leaks happen in the flashing because this is where the skylight and the roof meet each other. In these instances, a trained contractor should replace the flashing to stop the leak.

Roof valleys are areas where two parts of the roof meet each other.

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This is a very delicate area that should only be worked on by roofing professionals. Leaks happen when the flashing in the valley of the roof are improperly installed.

Broken or missing shingles are another source of roof leaks. Unlike other roofing problems, broken or missing shingles are often easy to locate since shingles are on the exterior of the roof. Missing shingles can be identified by finding different colored patches on the roof. Additionally, homeowners may see shingles on the lawn around their yard after a heavy storm.

A cracked vent booting can lead to leaks. Roof vents sit on top of the roof and look like small pipes that are sticking up out of the roof. Their purpose is to expel moisture from the home. Roof vents are equipped with a rubber boot designed to prevent water filtration. When this is damaged, a water leak will occur. Leaks that come from a vent will often leave dark spots around the vent and may have a musty odor.

Roof wear and tear is inevitable. Weather conditions and the passing of time will take their toll on a roof. Roof leaks on the other hand can be avoided by proper inspection and by regular maintenance performed by trained professionals.

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