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On many buildings, the roof is often used as a place for objects that would otherwise take up valuable space on the ground. This is especially true in commercial buildings that have a flat roof. The most common items seen on roofs are heating, ventilation and air conditioning units. Not only do they create a barrier that makes the roofing work more difficult, but the components that protrude through the roof must be properly sealed to avoid leakage. Building owners can get help from Houston roofing professionals when repair work is needed that involves working around these types of obstacles.

The weight of units that are placed on the roof must be taken into consideration. Too much weight can compromise the roof's structural integrity and make it more susceptible to collapse during times of high wind or excessive precipitation. Buildings that were okay at the time of the original construction may not be as sound as HVAC units get replaced with heavier ones or other units are added. This problem could easily go unnoticed because these changes typically happen gradually over a period of several years. Therefore, the load capacity of the roof should be reevaluated periodically against the actual weight of everything the roof must support.

The increasing popularity of solar energy means that solar panels are usually placed on the roof, further increasing the amount of weight the roof must support.

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These panels are not limited to flat roofs in commercial applications. They are commonly seen on sloped roofs of houses. Home and business owners should have their roofs checked to see if reinforcements are necessary before adding solar panels to an existing structure.

Individuals should not overlook the weight of the roofing material itself when doing a repair or replacement. This is especially true if additional roofing material is used without removing the old material first. While this most likely will turn out to be no reason for concern, it is worth asking the question so that there are no unfortunate surprises later.

In commercial settings, it is common to hang additional equipment from the roof trusses as the business grows. Electrical equipment, heaters and pipes are examples. In the case of piping, the weight of the material in the pipes must be included in the weight calculations as well. A large pipe running across the entire length of a building can add more weight than one might realize unless the math is done in advance. While the roof is likely constructed in a way that will handle additional weight, it should not be taken for granted.

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