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Many homeowners discover that they need a new roof after several cold winters and wet springs have passed. The good news is that, as long as the roof is built with quality roofing materials, many individuals might not ever need to replace the roof a second time. While it's best to work with a highly qualified Houston roofing expert, of equal important is the selection of premium roofing materials.

While slate roofing tiles might cost up to five times as much as other traditional materials, its durable consistency contributes to its incredibly long lifespan. In fact, properly installed slate roofs can last up to 500 years, which is almost five times longer than the estimated life spans of many conventional roofing systems. Here are some of the many advantages associated with slate roofing systems.

Slate roofs create a high end appearance for any home, and it is usually resourced from quarries in the United Kingdom, Brazil or northern regions in the United States. It features excellent fireproof qualities and, due to its density, it enhances soundproofing and insulation for the home.

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Since slate can be purchased in a wide variety of sizes, thicknesses and colors, it is easy for roofing contractors to customize the finished look of the roof. Depending on the homeowner's preference, the tile colors can be mixed in order to achieve a unique look, and they can be easily staggered as well. The different hues range from green to dark gray, depending on the quarries from which they originate.

As far as weather is concerned, slate roofing tiles can withstand severe types of weather, making them an ideal choice for homes that are located in extreme climates. This is a great advantage for homeowners who live in colder climates because slate tiles do not experience as much wear and tear from ice dams, unlike asphalt shingles. For homeowners who live in hot, desert climates, slate is not prone to fading from prolonged exposure to the sun.

While slate performs very well and can last for years, its design and installation process must be precise in order for homeowners to receive its maximum benefits. Slate can be purchased in different grades, and selecting a high end version of the product might pay off in the end. Homeowners are encouraged to only work with a roofing company that has adequate experience with installing the material. Slate tiles are often rare roofing materials, and, as such, contractors may lack the expertise needed for their installation.

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