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Whether a new home is being built or an existing home needs a new roof, a particular roof style can serve distinct functions and should be considered carefully. Not only does the roof itself protect the home's structure from damage, the style of the roof can dramatically increase the home's curb appeal and raise its value. As such, homeowners should work with an experienced Houston roofing contractor to find the right style of roof that works for an individual's home. There are nine common types of roofs that homeowners may be interested in.

One common roof style is the flat roof. A flat roof has little to no slope and often does not have an attic space underneath. These roofs are the easiest to construct and are relatively safe to walk on when planning maintenance or repairs. Although not as common, skillion roofs are similar in that the roof has no peak. Skillion roofs essentially have the appearance of a right triangle, or a flat roof that has been inclined.

When it comes to peaked roof types, gable roofs are among the more simple varieties. Their basic construction resembles two skillion roofs put together, with the peak centered over the middle of the home. Hip roofs are along the same lines, except that all sides of this roof are sloped and meet at the roof peak.

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Bonnet roofs also have sloped sides with the exception of the angle outwards about halfway down. Keeping in the same vein, pyramid roofs feature sides that meet at a point.

The remaining roof types, including mansard roofs, gambrel roofs and saltbox roofs, are much more complex. Mansard roofs have two slopes on each side of the home, though the lower slope is steeper than the upper slope. The upper slope may not be visible from the ground. Grambrel roofs are similar, but feature eaves that hang over the home's facade. The appearance of gambrel roofs may depend on whether the roof is Dutch inspired or French inspired. Finally, the saltbox roof is asymmetrical in height. This roof is commonly used on homes that are one story on one side and two stories on the other.

In addition to featuring their own unique style, each type of roof has advantages and disadvantages that should be discussed with an experienced roofer. Once the decision has been made and the roof is complete, however, the homeowner will be left with a home that has a unique look or feel that makes it stand out from others.

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