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Today, metal roofs are fast approaching the popularity that asphalt shingles have enjoyed for the past one hundred years or more. Metal roofs offer a number of distinct advantages. Homeowners who prefer the look of traditional shingles can protect their home with a roofing system that meets their preference for this design style while enjoying a dependable and durable roofing option.

Metal roofing shingles are manufactured to meet a wide range of design styles. Whether a homeowner is looking for something that replicates the traditional style of asphalt shingles, or he or she wants a roofing system that looks like beautiful slate, thatch or even the classic look of clay tile, metal shingles offer a number of options that suit all types of homes.

In addition to a wide range of colors, profiles and styles, a metal roof that is installed by a reputable Houston roofing contractor will be able to provide a long lasting roofing system. Metal roofing systems typically outlast the life of a home. Metal is strong and durable, and metal shingles often come with warranties in excess of 50 years.

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Not only are metal shingles and panels almost impervious to wear and tear, but, when installed correctly, they can withstand heavy winds without the risk of blow off. These roofs also stand up exceptionally well, even during heavy rainstorms, and rarely are they ever damaged by hail. The composite materials typically used in metal roofing systems can also offer fire protection.

An additional advantage to metal roofing systems is the fact that metal roofs offer an environmentally friendly roofing option. These roofs are not only recyclable when the time comes for a new roof installation, but they can also be made from recyclable materials. This helps ensure that less waste will end up in the local landfill. Additionally, metal roofs are energy efficient. They can reflect the heat of the sun, providing a natural way to reduce energy usage. When heat is reflected away from the home, less energy is needed for cooling, offering an effective means to save energy while also helping a homeowner lower his or her monthly cooling bills.

Of course, because metal roofs offer a long lasting, durable and attractive roofing option, this type of roof can add value to a home. When homeowners decide to sell, having a metal roof can help increase the selling price of their home as well as entice more potential buyers to view the property.

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