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Homes located in climates that experience harsh winds and heavy rain from hurricanes could experience major damage, particularly to the roof, since it is the most exposed to the elements. Homeowners are encouraged to protect their roof before hurricane season begins in order to prevent damage from occurring, such as contacting a Sugar Land roofing specialist to assess weak points of the structure and conduct a thorough inspection. Roofing contractors have several methods of safeguarding the roof before disaster strikes, which could save the homeowner thousands of dollars in the end.

Roofing contractors will assess whether the roof should be reinforced, which could not only protect it from damage but also protect neighbors from flying roof debris if large pieces break off during harsh winds. In some cases, roofing contractors will use hurricane straps, which are metal strips that can be attached to almost any type of roof and help to keep it attached to the interior walls of the home.

If the expected lifespan of the roof is reaching its end, roofing contractors can install special materials that could help protect the home during stormy seasons.

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For example, some new types of asphalt shingles help add extra protection from extremely high winds, while older versions offer only moderate protection. However, experienced roofing contractors may be able to add reinforcement to existing shingles without having to completely replace them by applying roof adhesive to any loose ones. This method of reinforcement will only work if the adhesive has the proper amount of time to cure, which could last anywhere from two to four weeks.

One of the best ways to keep damage from occurring to a roof during tornadoes or hurricanes is to take preventative measures while installing a new roof. Roofing contractors can use additional fasteners to install materials to the decking during the installation process. They can also add reinforcement to the attic area of the home with tie straps. Six nailed shingles are also less prone to flying off due to high winds than four nailed shingles. When contractors install the roof deck, they can use thicker sheets of solid plywood and add a secondary water barrier to keep it waterproof by using self adhering flashing tape or modified polymer bitumen strips over any joints on the deck. They may also use felt underlayment for additional support. In many cases, making even the slightest adjustment to the roof can equate to extra protection during harsh weather.

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