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A high quality and well maintained roof is essential for comfortable living and structural integrity. A roof is usually considered the most critical part of a structure's protection against the elements. If a roof fails to do its job, then the unprotected interior of the house is exposed to damaging moisture, debris, wind and other hazards. The roof often bears more punishment from the weather than any other part of the house, and it is important for homeowners to understand how the weather affects their roof. In an area with a wide range of harsh weather conditions, a Sugar Land roofing contractor should be contacted to assess wear and damage on a roof from inclement weather and provide insight on needed maintenance.

Wind is the first and most consistent form of weathering on the roof. While its effects may be less noticeable than other forms of weather, it can become very damaging if left unchecked. The roof is exposed to more direct wind forces than any other part of the house. Even mild winds can blow dust and debris onto the roof. This debris can retain moisture and lead to greater strain or damage on the roof. Wind is at its worst when parts of the roof, such as tiles, are loose.

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The blowing wind will work against these loose tiles and slowly dislodge them, providing an opening for debris and moisture. In areas with frequent or high winds, it is important to inspect a roof for any loose tiles and ensure that the air is passing over the roof without catching on anything.

Rain is one the greatest threats to a roof and the home underneath. Moisture is the leading cause of damage to homes, and it can be quite insidious. Even very small cracks or openings in the roof structure can allow small amounts of moisture from rain to leak into the wood and insulation under the roof. Most homeowners will not notice a leak when this happens, but the moisture will lead to rot and mold growth that can be very damaging over time.

Snow and ice brings a different set of problems to the roof. In addition to moisture, accumulated snow and ice can strain the roof with excess weight and may even cause a collapse. If there is a possibility of accumulated snow, it is important to have a roof design that can handle the excess weight. Even with such a design, a homeowner may need to have the roof cleared of excess snow after a big storm to prevent it from accumulating. By providing a roof with proper maintenance to hold up against weathering, its lifespan can be maximized and costly failures can be prevented.

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