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Hail is a common occurrence in south Texas. In many instances, a roof must be replaced after a severe hailstorm in order to keep the roof from leaking and to prevent more extensive damage to the home. While it may seem that homeowners are at the mercy of the elements, there are things that can be done to prevent hail's damaging effects.

Developments in impact resistant polymer products have allowed manufacturers to create roofing materials that can withstand the force of falling hail while remaining intact. Impact resistant roofing is tested and rated by independent laboratories. These laboratories test the roofing materials' ability to be impacted by hail up to a certain size without sustaining damage. The laboratory tested materials are then subjected to various field tests to ensure that they will hold up under real weather conditions.

One of the easiest things that homeowners can do to protect their roof from hail is to install impact resistant roofing the next time that their roof is replaced. An experienced Sugar Land roofing professional will be able to help homeowners choose from among the many impact resistant roofing materials available.

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Homeowners who choose impact resistant materials may even qualify for a discount on their homeowners insurance that is in step with the UL's impact resistance classification. For example, a Class 4 material will receive a larger discount than a Class 1 material because it is more resistant to damage.

There are certain guidelines established by the Texas Department of Insurance that determine which types of roofing can qualify as impact resistant. To be considered impact resistant, and to qualify for the insurance discount, the roofing material must meet UL Standard 2218. To protect homeowners, the TDI requires manufacturers to label their materials with their name, the product's UL standard, its resistance classification, the brand name and the date of manufacture.

Impact resistant roofing can be as attractive as it is functional. Many manufacturers carry a full line of durable and stylish asphalt shingles that meet the TDI's highest standards for impact resistance. Metal roofing can also qualify as impact resistant, and standing seam metal roofs have the ability to withstand almost any type of weather. Metal shingles may be impact resistant as well, depending on the shape and thickness of the shingle. As with asphalt shingles, these shingles must carry the required labeling in order to assure homeowners of their quality and to qualify for any discounts offered by their homeowners insurance policy.

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