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Just like any other part of a home, a roof requires maintenance and repairs, which adds to the homeowner's cost of upkeep over time. This is why getting a roof warranty is important. A roof warranty is a form of assurance that the roof will last for a specific amount of time. It is also a guarantee that any faulty components will be fixed by the manufacturer. Despite these promises, roof warranties do not cover just any kind of roof issue. For instance, a roof warranty does not ensure that the proper materials are used when installing a roof system. This is why it is important to use a trustworthy Houston roofing company.

Roof warranties are important, but they can sometimes be confusing. The most confusion surrounding roof warranties concerns the issuance of warranties for different amounts of time for the same roof system. For example, some roof warranties are available for 10 and 15 year time periods. However, buying a longer warranty does not prolong the lifespan of a roof. More focus should be given to the restrictions specified by the warranty rather than its length.

It is absolutely necessary to check that a warranty given by a roofing company is in line with the manufacturer's warranty. Roof manufacturers typically offer either material warranties or system warranties. Manufacturers also require that roofing contractors are certified to install their roof systems and materials. It is advisable to implement a regular maintenance plan with the roofing contractor that installed the roof.

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If the repairs and maintenance are performed by the roofing company that installed the roof, then this will help the roof last longer. It also protects the validity of the warranty because having uncertified roofers work on the system is likely to void the warranty.

Reputable roofers are not only certified, but they also offer their own warranties in the one to five year range. The contractor warranty should be written clearly and easy to understand, but homeowners should be sure to examine the warranty for any loopholes. The typical catch clause deals with labor costs. For example, a roofing contractor warranty may cover materials but will not pay for workmanship. This situation could be averted by seeking out the optimal workmanship guarantee with the roofing company. Some warranties may also have economic restrictions in regards to dollar amounts. This can be remedied by insisting on a no dollar limit manufacturer warranty, or an NDL.

Even with these precautions, roof warranties are still challenging to get honored. It is imperative to check the roofing contractor's reputation within the industry. There should be indicators that the roofing business will exist long enough to satisfy the length of the warranty. Also, homeowners should avoid warranties with a lot of exclusions. Warranties of this type provide easy options for nullification, which renders the warranty useless.

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