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Without all the moisture and storm fronts that roll in off of the Gulf, Houston Roofing professionals understand the importance of installing the roofing underlayment properly. The underlayment is the final line of defense against any water that may have seeped underneath the shingles. If the underlayment is of poor quality, or it has been improperly installed, this will lead to a problem with leaks. Because these leaks will be the result of a substandard underlayment, the roofing crew will have to redo the entire roof in order to replace the underlayment.

When installing the underlayment, the first thing the roofers should do is to lay down an ice and water cover shield over the entire roof. This type of shield is made of rubberized asphalt and polyethylene, and this membrane serves to prevent any water that happens to find its way past the shingles and flashings from entering into the home via leaks.

It is vital that homeowners understand that choosing the right underlayment is not the only important element in ensuring that the waterproofing is sound. It is also important to make sure that it is properly installed.

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In order to ensure that all areas are completely waterproofed, all of the valleys should be covered with metal flashing and weaving so that there are no leaks along the seams. It is also recommended that a double layer of the ice and water shield be installed on the lower section of the roof, especially around the chimneys and the eaves.

Although it is important that homeowners understand this, it is not a good idea for them to attempt this installation on their own. Installing the underlayment requires a certain level of experience and expertise. It can literally be the determining factor of whether the entire roofing job is a bust or a success. Even professionals can make mistakes in this area. However, using a professional means that the roofing and labor will be under warranty. Any mistakes that need to be repaired will be covered by the warranty.

When speaking with the specialist prior to starting the roofing project, it is also important to discuss the quality of the sealing component that will be used. A sealant of poor quality will almost ensure premature failure of the roof, meaning that the roof will have to be replaced earlier than it should. A reputable roofing professional will ensure that the materials used on the project are of the highest quality, and they will explain what the homeowner can expect as far as life expectancy.

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