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Metal roofing is a popular alternative to traditional asphalt roofing materials. Not only are metal roofs considered to be more energy efficient, they also can be recycled or reused once they have reached the end of their material lifespan. While making the decision to reroof a home with metal may seem simple, homeowners must choose among many different types of metal roofs. There are three main types of metal materials on the market, which include "R" panels, corrugated roofs and architectural standing seam roofs. Before a decision about the roof type is made, a professional Houston roofing contractor should be contacted.

"R" panel metal roofs are one of the most popular choices for those looking to reroof their home. These panels are lightweight, easy to install and come in a variety of colors. The ease of installation keeps the cost of these panels generally low, making them an appropriate choice for both residential and commercial construction. Although it is generally not recommended, this type of roofing material can be installed over preexisting asphalt shingles.

Corrugated roofs, alternatively, are a classic type of metal roofing system. These can most commonly be found on vintage barns and sheds. Because they are considered to be the original type of metal roofs, this material is most often found on restaurants or businesses looking to achieve a vintage look.

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Older homes may also use this type of metal. These roofs are also extremely durable and can usually withstand large hailstorms and high winds when properly maintained.

Finally, architectural standing seam roofs are generally preferred on homes that experience strong winds. These panels protect against wind uplift due to their interlocking components. When they are tightly sealed, water cannot get into the home. The raised seams on the panels also give homes and businesses a bold, contemporary look, making this type of metal roof popular for new construction. The main advantage of this type of roof over the others is that the fasteners that attach the roof material to the roof structure are hidden, meaning that there are no penetration points on this roof.

No matter what type of metal roof is chosen, there are certain things that building owners should be aware of. All metal roofs are at risk for rusting or corroding if the roof is not properly cared for. This also means that the roof will need to be resealed or repainted regularly. An experienced contractor can also help a building owner with properly maintaining metal roofs.

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