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Building a roof is a complex project that must be done right. If a roof is not properly installed, the home is vulnerable to damage from water penetration, high winds or even hail. Depending on the complexity of the roof, a number of different roofing components, such as rafters, are used to not only provide the homeowners with a stable covering for the home's structure, but also to increase the home's curb appeal and value. Although it is recommended that a professional Houston roofing contractor manage the roof installation procedure, homeowners should be informed about what components are involved in making a roof.

There are seven main varieties of roof rafters that are used to construct a number of roof types. They include common, hip, hip jack, flying hip, valley, valley jack and cripple jack rafters. The common rafter runs from the home's exterior wall up to the roof's peak. They do not connect with any other type of rafter of than the ridge board, the component that forms the peak. In simple pitched roofs, this may be the only type of rafter that is utilized. In more complex roof designs, other types of rafters will be used as well.

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Hipped rafters are usually used in hipped roofs. These rafters connect to the ridge board at a 45 degree angle. They are usually placed at the ends of the ridge board to form the short sides of the roof. To add stability to the roof, the hip jacks are installed along the hip rafter at an angle and run parallel to the common rafters.

Valley rafters are installed in the roof valleys. These are similar to the hipped rafters, excepting the fact that valley rafters form the concave corner of the roof. Valley jacks are then installed to connect the valley rafter to the ridge board. Like hip jacks, they also run parallel to the common rafters.

The cripple jack rafter is not as common as other types of rafters. This particular component is used to connect the valley rafter to the hip rafter when the two are very close together.

Building a new roof should always be left to professional roofers. Because the home's structure relies on the roof to keep it from sustaining serious damages, this is something that no homeowner wants to leave in the hands of an unskilled or inexperienced contractor. Experienced roofers can get the roof framed very quickly and complete the project right the first time.

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