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With attractive designs and many safety benefits, stone coated steel roofs are taking the roofing industry by storm. Noting the roof's excellent performance, a growing number of experienced Houston roofing contractors recommend these innovative metal roofs to their customers. There are a host of reasons homeowners are taking that advice, appreciating the roof's visual appeal, weather resistance, economy, ease of installation and planet friendly properties.

Aesthetically, few other roof coverings offer the versatility found with stone coated steel roofs. These superbly crafted roofs can look like traditional tile, shingle and shake roofs, all while offering the superior durability of metal roofing. Their fabrication is ingenious: pressure formed steel covered in hardy, acrylic bonded stone chips. This mix of materials creates a super lightweight material that is incredibly hardy yet stunning atop even the most distinctive custom homes.

The safety and weather performance of these roofs is equally attractive to homeowners. They are durable in high winds, so stone coated steel roofs are a great choice for homes and offices located in areas prone to tropical storms, tornadoes and hurricanes. Their hail resistance is top notch, and they stay cool on hot summer days.

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Because they are made of noncombustible metal, they also earn some of the highest fire resistance ratings available. These metal roofs are ideal for humid climates, preventing rot, mildew and algae growth.

Financially, their long life cycle and energy saving properties are superior to most other roofs, saving homeowners thousands of dollars. Most homeowners will replace their asphalt shingle roofs two to four times before a metal roof needs replacement. Stone coated steel roofs also save 20 to 30 percent on cooling costs due to their resistance to summer heat gain. Their superior hail and wind durability often make them eligible for homeowners' insurance discounts up to 35 percent while their energy efficiency frequently opens up access to utility rebates.

Installation is streamlined with stone coated steel roofs because they can often be placed on top of an existing shingle roof without requiring a tear off. Their incredibly light weight also eases the pressure on the building's structure, preventing the need for extra support. In fact, stone coated steel roofs weigh only about 150 pounds per square while most other roofs weigh 350 to 1100 pounds per square.

Finally, these metal roofs are extremely environmentally friendly because they are easily recycled and often contain recycled material themselves. Their finishes are safe, often producing water runoff that is potable. They last far longer than regular asphalt shingles, so they save manufacturing waste and landfill space.

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