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Homeowners can sometimes face major damage to their property, such as a leaky roof. The roofing system is not only a significant investment but also plays an important role in the overall structural stability of any property. New homeowners who feel overwhelmed will benefit from learning a few basics about maintaining their home, beginning with the roof. Preventative maintenance is a better approach than leaving things to chance, which could end in costly repairs. The key is learning how to spot potential areas of concern and taking the appropriate action to resolve it. If problems get too big to handle, homeowners can contact a Houston roofing company for assistance.

Some concerns are easier to manage than others are, such as the appearance of moss and algae. These mossy clumps leave behind unattractive green or black stains that continue to draw in and retain moisture. Left untreated, moss and algae may lead to rotting and early deterioration of shingles. Moist, humid climates and heavily shaded areas are especially susceptible to this problem. Fortunately, homeowners can control moss and algae by spraying affected areas with a low pressure pump washer mixed with equal parts water and an appropriate fungal growth inhibitor.

Tree branches and leaves that are not routinely pruned can break or damage shingles, gutters and other components of a roof during high winds and other foul weather. Fallen branches and leaves can also clog up gutters, prevent proper drainage and retain excess moisture. Moisture is a leading cause of rotting to shingles and other components of the roof.

Condensation is another familiar roofing woe.

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Without proper attic ventilation, moisture builds up and increases the risk of decay to the roofing support structure. This concern is avoided by installing additional venting systems in the attic.

It's a good idea to visually check the roof for signs of damage after every significant storm by using a stepladder and a pair of binoculars to carefully look over the surface of the roof. Any missing or broken shingles should be replaced immediately, as they create an opening for moisture to get in. Flashing is another roofing component that should be checked periodically to make sure it is intact and forms a tight seal around areas like chimneys, junction points, vents and skylights

Weather and certain climates create numerous challenges for roofs. From the UV rays and heat of the sun to high winds and rain, the result is deteriorating, lifted or curled shingles. Ice dams are another significant issue in colder climates. They are created by snow that melts and then refreezes in an overhanging area of the roof. This not only impairs the flow of drainage into gutters and downspouts, but the weight of the ice may also pull shingles, downspouts or other roofing components off the roof. Hail is another force of nature that is capable of significant damage, especially if the hailstones are large enough to rupture reinforcing mats. Even if they only manage to knock granules off the shingles, it is enough to reduce the effectiveness of the damaged shingles.

Committing to ongoing visual inspections, especially after a severe storm, will help homeowners catch significant damage sooner. If there is an issue that homeowners feel unable to resolve, they can contact a roofing company in Houston to have their roof inspected and repaired by a professional.

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