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Most building owners have heard about regular batt insulation, and some may be familiar with blown in insulation. However, there is a third type of insulation that may be beneficial for building owners. Known as spray foam insulation, this type can be sprayed into the attic to keep cooled and heated air from escaping the living space. Additionally, it also protects the building from moisture accumulation, which can cause significant damage to a house's infrastructure. Spray foam does have some notable advantages that make this option worth considering. If a building owner is interested in looking into this option, he or she should contact a local Houston roofing contractor for more information.

One of the biggest advantages to spray foam insulation is that it can be applied cheaply and effectively. When the foam is applied, it will expand to fill cracks and small holes that could allow air or pests to pass into the attic. As such, heat dissipation from the outside will be considerably reduced. It essentially blocks heat from entering the building while keeping indoor temperatures from varying significantly.

Ultimately, spray foam insulation can reduce energy costs for the home or building owner. Because cooled and heated air does not escape into the attic, it does not take as much energy to heat or cool the home.

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The air conditioner and heater run less and work less, meaning that the lifespan of these HVAC systems can be increased.

There are, however, a few downsides to spray foam insulation that should be considered. For those who have allergies to certain chemicals, spray foam can be problematic. Additionally, it is fatal if ingested by children or pets. If the building catches fire, the fumes that are released can also be extremely dangerous to inhabitants. Spray foam is also mixed onsite, meaning that there is the possibility that it may not be properly mixed or installed. This can affect how well the insulation actually performs. Finally, spray foam is also generally on the more expensive side when it comes to insulation. Other types of insulation can offer some of its advantages for less.

Even with its disadvantages, spray foam insulation is a great option for certain homes and buildings. A professional roofer can inspect the attic to determine if the building would benefit from having spray foam installed. If spray foam is not the right type of insulation, the professional can work with the owner to find an alternative that will properly insulate the building.

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