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There are plenty of things to consider before choosing a new roof, and some homeowners need recommendations. Houston roofing professionals can provide people with recommendations based on their budgets, but there are some other aspects that homeowners should consider including style, climate and material. While no roofing material is perfect for every situation, homeowners can use these recommendations to ensure they find the right roofs to fit their individual needs.

The style of a roof goes well beyond just the material. Homeowners will also want to choose colors that fit their personalities and the current color schemes of their houses. No matter what roofing material they choose, there are plenty of different colors; manufacturers even make shingles in a variety of colors. When faced with a situation where homeowners are unable to find the colors they want, most roofing materials can be painted. However, it's important to stick with lighter colors because it helps lower energy bills by reflecting the sun's solar rays. This is why many homeowners opt out of the traditional grey and black asphalt shingles in favor of lighter colors. Paint designed for asphalt shingles is perfect for homes that already have dark shingles installed.

Another thing to consider is the climate of the area where the homeowner lives. In areas with hot climates, it's recommended that they stay away from roofing materials that absorb heat.

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Some good alternatives include clay tiles, metal and slate. Clay tiles reflect nearly 77 percent of the sun's rays. Tiles that are light in color and flat tend to reflect more heat. Covered clay or wood shingles allow for better ventilation, making it easier for the roof to dispel the heat it absorbs. Choosing roofing materials that don't absorb heat typically lowers the average maintenance cost for the roof.

Other environmental factors to consider are snow, wind, rain and hail. All of these elements can cause damage to a homeowner's roof. Certain materials can stand up to certain conditions better than others. For example, clay tiles are heavy and stand up better to wind than lighter materials such as metal and asphalt shingles. Homeowners could also choose concrete tiles, which are around three times heavier than typical asphalt shingles. However, in areas where mildew and algae are a common concern, metal roofs offer better protection because many of them are coated with zinc, which deters the growth of mildew and algae. Areas that receive a lot of sun may benefit from roofs covered in solar panels because they produce energy for the houses and save the homeowners hundreds every month on their energy bills.

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