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There may be times when homeowners are required to climb onto their roofs in order to perform maintenance or complete repairs. When accessing a roof, it's important to exercise certain safety precautions to prevent serious injury from occurring. Here is some advice Houston roofing contractors often give their clients to help them stay safe.

The biggest safety hazard involves climbing a ladder to access a roof. Falls from ladders are quite common, which is why it's important to ensure they are secure. Always place ladders on level surfaces, and make sure they are properly braced against the side of a building. Whenever possible, individuals should have someone hold the ladder to prevent it from slipping.

Not all roofs are easy to walk on. Those with a very high pitch can make doing so especially challenging. Safety harnesses are recommended when accessing high pitched roofs or dormers. Even when walking on flat roofs, homeowners should still exercise caution and wear protective gear such as helmets and work boots.

The location of power lines should be noted prior to accessing a roof. Coming into contact with power lines could cause serious injury or even death. If there are downed power lines on top of a roof, homeowners should not attempt to climb on it, but instead should contact their electric company immediately.

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They should remain off the roof until they are told it is safe for them to proceed.

Before stepping out onto a roof, individuals should first test the surface to see how sturdy it is. This can be done by pressing gently with the foot to see if the surface gives way. If it does give way, homeowners should not attempt to walk on the roof, but instead, should contact a professional for assistance. Once on the roof, periodic inspections should be done to check for unsafe areas.

A roof should never be climbed on during periods of inclement weather. Climbing onto a roof during heavy rain, high winds or a hailstorm increases the risk of injury substantially. After a snowstorm, clearing precipitation from the rooftop is recommended before climbing on it, since snow and ice tend to make shingles extremely slippery.

Staying safe while on a roof requires a great deal of care in order to avoid accidents. A better option is to contact a roofing contractor for repairs and maintenance. Professional roofers know how to stay safe, and can ensure repairs are performed quickly and efficiently.

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