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When just a few shingles on a house have been damaged and need to be replaced, homeowners do not have to have the entire roofing system updated. Experienced Houston roofing companies can handle small repair jobs, finishing the work quickly. Replacement of a few broken or damaged shingles helps to prevent water leaks and other problems that, if left alone, could necessitate a full roof replacement. Understanding the process of a small roof repair helps homeowners prepare for this relatively common event.

The first part of the repair process is a thorough professional roofing inspection. A member of a roofing company will inspect the asphalt shingles for damage both from the ground and while standing on an extension ladder. In some cases, the roofer may want to get an even closer look by accessing the roof and walking on it. When just a few shingles are damaged, the roofer will recommend a small repair job.

If the repair must take place on a steeply sloped section of the roof, the crew may affix a temporary roofing jack onto the roof's face. This provides the members of the roofing team with a safe place to stand while performing their work.

Once the type of problem with the shingles has been identified, the roofing service will select replacement shingles and then start the repair tasks.

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The first step is taking off the old broken or damaged shingles. This is done with a roofing fork or a pry bar. The damaged pieces are lifted up by the shingle tabs. This helps to lessen the risk of damage to neighboring shingles or the roof decking. The next row of shingles must also be lifted by carefully removing one row of nails. This is because every row of shingles overlaps one another. The nails holding the shingles in place will remain attached to the shingles but will get lifted out of the wood deck. The old, broken shingles are then discarded.

The new shingles are slid underneath of the remaining shingles. The nails that had been lifted up are then hammered back into place. New roofing nails are used to fix the bottom of the new row of shingles into their proper position. If a few shingles need to be attached in a vertical manner, this step is repeated until all of the damaged shingles have been repaired. If any flashing was removed to facilitate the repairs, it will be restored to its proper position on the roof.

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