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Whether a roof is blown off during a storm or is in need of minor repairs, knowing how to file an insurance claim, and navigating through the process, is a process every homeowner should be informed about. Storm damage that does not exceed the deductible for the homeowner's insurance policy is likely something that the homeowner will simply want to take care of without filing an insurance claim. However, when damages are extensive, making a claim is often the best way to get the necessary repairs.

A Houston roofing contractor can help a homeowner determine the extent of the damage as well as to provide important guidance as they work through the claims process. It is important that repairs work does not begin before the insurance company has an opportunity to examine the damage. Typically, once a homeowner makes a call to his or her insurance company, a claims agent will be sent to examine the damages and determine the amount of the settlement.

Once a settlement is reached, the homeowner can hire a contractor to complete the necessary repairs or to install a new roof. It is extremely important that homeowners take some time in choosing the right contractor for the job. In fact, finding a reputable contractor before roofing repairs or service are needed can be a great way to be prepared.

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When a storm moves through an area and leaves behind a great deal of damage, it's not unusual for contractors to begin flooding into the area, offering home repairs and roofing services. Some of these contractors might be legitimate roofing companies with a track record of providing exceptional service, but others may be inexperienced or substandard.

It is important for homeowners to thoroughly evaluate any contractor that they hire for roofing repairs. Not only should the contractor be experienced in providing the type of work that is necessary, but they should also have the requisite expertise with the roofing materials required. Some homeowners have slate roofs, roofs that are made with standing seam metal panels or other specialty roofing systems that require special training. Additionally, a contractor should have a good standing with the BBB and references from previous customers.

Of course, every reputable roofing company will be licensed to perform roofing repairs and installation. They will also carry liability insurance. A roofer's liability insurance will protect the work crew, the business owner and the homeowner. If anything goes wrong, the backing of liability insurance can help ensure the problem is resolved quickly.

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