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The roof on residential properties is one of the most important structures of the home and works to protect the interior space. With regular maintenance and inspections, it can last for decades and remain durable without needing to be replaced. To ensure that it does not suffer from major damage, there are a few common repairs that often need to be made.

Ponding water is a common problem after a heavy rainfall or storm. Ponding water occurs when rain or melted snow is unable to drain properly and ends up in a pool. This commonly occurs on flat roofs and add some extra weight to the structure, which can cause sagging and leaks to develop. A professional from Houston Roofing can help to drain the water and even remove debris from nearby rain gutters.

Worn flashing around the chimney is another repair that will need to be made after a few years and can deteriorate because of constant exposure to environmental elements. This can cause leaks to develop and allow moisture to enter the home. Professional roofers are experienced in replacing the flashing and ensuring that it maintains its strength for several years.

Improper repairs that were made in past years may also lead to larger repairs that require attention from roofers to avoid more damage from developing.

Roofers from Houston Restoration Services of Houston TX would be happy to answer any question you have about remodeling or residential roofing.

Shingles and tiles often need to be replaced or repaired each year due to high winds, heavy rainfall and excessive exposure to the sun. Shingles are prone to curl up or fall off the roof while tiles can break or become loose. They will often need to be replaced or become cemented back to the roof to prevent leaks and continue protecting the home. Blistering can also occur on the surface of shingles due to trapped moisture from poor ventilation. Once moisture is trapped under the material, it can become heated due to higher temperatures from the sun. The blisters can be ignored for a period of time but will eventually pop from exposure to UV rays. This can become a problem if the granules on the material become loose and begin to break down.

By maintaining the roof with an inspection at least once a year, repairs will be made to ensure that the quality of the structure is strong. Homeowners can perform routine inspections but may not be able to identify underlying issues that can lead to larger problems without the help of a professional.

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