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The functionality of metal roofing products has increased their marketability to an all time high. The lightweight, durable material offers home and business owners benefits that are not readily available in other roof types. With the most common metals used for roofing components being copper, steel and aluminum, a full system can be costly but is often worth the investment because of its long life expectancy. Modern metal roofs can accommodate nearly any architectural style by simulating wood, asphalt or stone. Although traditionally associated with commercial buildings, standing seam metal panels are becoming quite popular for residential structures. A Houston roofing professional can answer any questions regarding the advantages of a metal roof covering and the added protection that standing seams provide.

Each vertical panel has two standing seams. After the seams are crimped together and the joints are sealed, the lines that reach from the ridge to the eaves sweep water from the rooftop with ease. The panels are not usually more than two feet wide and are attached to the underlayment with clips that give the metal room to expand and contract as needed. Four distinct styles of panels with standing seams exist, and each design has its strengths. Both of the snap lock products are easy to install while the two structural models are superior in performance.

A mechanically seamed hydrostatic panel is constructed with a seaming tool and has the flexibility for curving and tapering during installation.

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Along with the product's heat and fire resistance, this standing seam panel can endure high winds that effortlessly uplift other types of roofing elements. Very little maintenance is required to make this kind of metal roof structure last for decades.

Whether the property owner chooses a one or two piece snap lock panel, he or she can make the most of this purchase by applying it to the decking. The roof's pitch should be at least 3:12. Although the one piece panel is stronger than the two piece, which requires a batten or cap, it serves its best purpose when used for structural support. Two piece snap lock panels are connected by a cap or batten that snaps down onto a butterfly clip.

The newest standing seam model is the symmetrical mechanically seamed panel. It combines the benefits of a mechanically seamed panel with a two piece snap lock. The product has the strength to withstand inclement weather conditions and the convenience of simple replacement. Since the pieces are symmetrical, they can be attached with fixed clips that allow expansion and contraction. This superior standing seam panel can resist an even stronger wind uplift than the mechanically seamed hydrostatic panel.

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