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There are endless decisions to make when building a home. Deciding on colors, materials, floor plan layouts and square footage adjustments is often enough to make homeowners frazzled. Although it can be trying at times, the planning stages of building a home are the most critical in regards to cost efficiency, and a homeowner should pay special attention to every detail in order to maximize savings. This is very true when it comes to tax incentives given for using certain energy efficient materials. Roofing material is an especially important consideration, and homeowners can take advantage of energy efficient credits at tax time for the life of the roof.

There are two very important people who should be consulted before making decisions on what type of roofing material that should be used on the home. Those two people are a tax advisor and a Sugar Land roofing professional. The tax advisor will be able to provide guidance on what roofing material would qualify for energy efficient credits and what paperwork would be necessary to retain for tax records. The roofing company will also be able to provide guidance in this area. A certified, experienced roofer will be able to advise the homeowner of the absolute best material to use that will be the most efficient in the given climate.

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The use of these energy efficient products could save the homeowner hundreds of dollars per year in energy costs for the lifetime of the roof.

There are tax incentives given for many different types of roofing material. The greatest concern is the material is coded energy efficient. However, not every roofing material is made equal for every part of the country. For example, in areas where the climate is very hot in the summer, a cool roof could be the best suggestion to keep cooling costs low. In addition, a cool roof will help sustain the heating and cooling system in a home by reducing the need for the systems to run. In other words, the cooler the roof keeps the house, the less the cooling system has to run.

The roofing expert should also be able to add ventilation systems to the roof to increase the energy efficiency. For some roof types and climates, a roofer could advise the use of ridge vents to ventilate the hot air from the attic space of the home. In other roofing systems, turbines could be a better ventilation choice for maximum energy savings.

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