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Since the advent of technologically advanced roofing materials, solar products can be custom made and easily applied to many types of installation areas. When Sugar Land roofing professionals answer a call regarding a possible solar installation, they can discuss all product choices with homeowners to create a unique solar system with functionality at its core.

Traditional solar panels are still choices for newer rooftops. When a home has a new roof installation, that surface offers between 20 and 50 years of reliable protection from the elements. It's the perfect time for a solar panel installation, therefore. Contractors add leg supports to the rooftop, allowing the panels to float several inches above the home. These panels can always be removed for rooftop inspections when necessary. Solar panels are markedly cheaper than they were in recent years, and the investment will pay for itself in the long run.

Newer solar products include roofing shingles. While these materials resemble traditional asphalt shingles, they have embedded photovoltaic technology. The shingles absorb sunlight energy and do not require the installation of separate panels. This solar choice is usually purchased as a new roof installation. Some shingles are traditional types while others are solar based, for example. Contractors use specific calculations to verify solar shingle quantities to necessary power output.

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Homeowners who have a new roof, but don't want panels or alternative shingles, can look to solar laminate film. This solar product is extremely thin and flexible, allowing it to adhere to almost any rooftop surface. It's rolled out across the rooftop and affixed to specified areas. With proper adhesion, the laminate blends in with the rooftop surface. The solar area simply appears darker than the surrounding materials.

All solar components must be connected into the home's electrical system. There are some products with wireless capabilities across the rooftop, but most systems must have hard wiring between the exterior and interior electrical panel. Roofers usually consult with electricians to finish the installation with safe practices. An inverter must be installed to convert DC power generated at the rooftop to AC energy at electrical outlets. With strong wiring, solar roofs last for years and produce reliable energy.

Residents may be concerned about solar products being puncture resistant or strong enough to withstand volatile weather conditions. Contractors can show homeowners sample products to prove their durability. Solar manufacturers want their products to last as long as the rooftop itself. Durability and reliability must combine for any solar installation to work properly.

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