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A novice homeowner may look at a roof and believe each separate tab hanging downward is an individual shingle. However, shingles have a much more complex shape and design than a basic square nailed to the rooftop. When Sugar Land roofing professionals repair or replace a rooftop, homeowners can actually see the shingles as they arrive to the property. Understanding shingle anatomy helps homeowners comprehend how this roofing material protects the structure each day.

Today's contractors usually suggest fiberglass based shingles or comp designs. These shingles aren't just paper and asphalt, but incorporate a glass layer for more stability. If homeowners pick up a loose shingle, they'll immediately notice the obvious weight from the glass and asphalt configuration. Material manufacturers apply granules to the shingle's exterior, forming a color base and texture that defines the shingle's appearance. Over time, it's this granule covered exterior that fades and wears, indicating a new roof is necessary.

Most shingles have a 3 tab configuration, connecting three squares to a common connecting piece. These tabs are the visible shingle parts once they're installed on the rooftop.

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Making one shingle a 3 tab design saves contractors time on the job as they install large sections instead of many small pieces, for instance. The spacing between the tabs is called cutouts. Contractors use these cutouts to properly align and orient each shingle across the rooftop. Cutouts shouldn't be vertically matched with one another, but actually staggered across the surface to help funnel water to nearby gutters.

Connecting the three tabs is a horizontal section. This area is one of the most important parts because it provides enough area for fastening purposes. Contractors must add a minimum of four nails into this section to hold the shingle for several decades. If nails are added incorrectly, they could tear or damage the shingle. Roofers must be precise with their nail guns to make each shingle hold tightly to the rooftop.

Shingles also come with a self sealing strip. Localized on the connecting piece, this strip holds some adhesive to stick quickly to the rooftop. This adhesive is simply activated with pressure. It holds the shingle in place until contractors can add the nails.

From composition shingles to organic types, roofing materials are vast in today's home improvement industry. Speak with a contractor about particular shingle materials to narrow down the selection for an installation. A brand new roof and chosen color changes the entire appearance of the property.

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