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Roof damage caused by a storm can be as minimal as missing shingles or as severe as lost roof decking. Sugar Land roofing professionals can make storm damage easier to cope with when homeowners contact them immediately after the event. From a strong weatherproof ice and water shield to metal paneling alternatives, new roofing materials can turn a storm damaged home into a well improved structure.

When homeowners know roof damage is present after a storm, they should contact contractors immediately. Homeowners should also call their insurance company to discuss what their policy covers. Ideally, the contractor and insurance adjuster should visit the property simultaneously to share information. Repairs can be negotiated, and contractors may start the project faster compared to an appointment with only one professional present.

If storm damage is relatively severe, there might be negotiations comparing repairs and replacement. When repairs mount in size, it might be more cost effective to replace the entire rooftop. Roofers and adjusters will meet and consider repair amounts. Generally, repairs equaling 50 percent of a replacement cost or more indicates a new roof is likely necessary.

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The roof would be a patchwork of time consuming and costly repairs if a replacement wasn't used in this scenario.

Homeowners shouldn't be negotiating exclusively with professionals. Reputable roofers and insurance adjusters typically go over repair or replacement essentials because of their subject expertise. With a repair solution, professionals sit down with the homeowners and explain the details. They'll go over all repair or replacement needs, insurance coverage and any outstanding balance due. Homeowners must still approve the estimate before any projects move forward.

It's in everyone's best interest to fix the roof quickly with a quality project. Insurance adjusters want the project to begin quickly, reducing any further damage as the structure remains exposed. Roofers don't want to estimate a job and find brand new damage because they must quote the project again. Homeowners appreciate a quick resolution, allowing them to get back to normal life with a strong roof overhead.

To reduce research time after a storm strikes a home, homeowners should look into a service contract with a roofer well before any problems occur. Because of the contract, homeowners have an instant emergency number to contact. Contracted homeowners may even be given priority over other customers because of that agreement. Having a trusted professional ready to fix an emergency roof problem is peace of mind for the entire household.

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