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Dimensional shingles are a relatively new product that many home owners and builders are opting to use because of their great look, enhanced performance and longevity. Although they were first developed in the '70s, dimensional shingles, also called architectural shingles, only recently began to enjoy more widespread use. They are made up of two layers of asphalt material, rather than the traditional single layer, and provide home owners with a huge variety of styles, colors and shapes from which to choose. A certified River Oaks roofing professional can work with home owners to determine the styles and colors that will best meet their design and budget preferences, but checking out some of the more popular varieties ahead of time can help narrow down the selection.

The unique construction of the dimensional shingle gives the roof a three dimensional appearance rather than the flat, uniform look of the traditional three tab shingle. This added depth can give a home a very dramatic appearance, increasing the overall value and curb appeal of the home for only a little extra investment. As the popularity has grown, so have the size, style and color of available dimensional shingles. Many are crafted to resemble other, more expensive materials like clay, slate or wood.

Dimensional shingles offer several advantages that three tab shingles do not have.

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In addition to the aesthetic appeal, dimensional shingles are more durable and last longer. Rather than a standard 15 to 20 year warranty, dimensional shingles can be warrantied for up to 50 years, much like other more expensive roofing products. They are also less likely to warp or buckle due to the two layer construction. They work well on almost any roof type, including steep pitch roofs, and they hide structural imperfections in the roof more readily. Though they may weigh a bit more, they do not require additional structural support: standard decking is fine for most applications.

Dimensional roofing shingles only cost about 20 percent more than traditional asphalt shingles, so they are affordable for most average home owners. The increase in cost is due to the double layer construction, but that has the advantage of providing more durability and longevity.

Home owners should be aware that dimensional shingles, like traditional three tab shingles, may be prone to mildew and algae invasion. All types of asphalt shingles may have this problem, but the notches or other design variations may make the dimensional shingle more susceptible. One way to remedy this problem is to make sure that leaves and other organic debris do not build up on the roof.

Dimensional shingles are a great choice for home owners who wish to highlight their unique style and create a dramatic effect for significantly less money than other types of more expensive roofing products.

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