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Living in an area with high-intensity storms can cause substantial damage to property. While windows and doors can be boarded in preparation for a storm, the roof is out in the open and exposed. Severe damage can occur as a result of high winds, hail, thunderstorms, ice and other catastrophic weather conditions. Often, this damage could go undetected to the naked eye. However, there are several roof features to pay attention to that will indicate if there is a need to contact a River Oaks roofing professional.

Allowing a small problem to go unaddressed after a storm can lead to much larger problems over time. This is why contacting a professional immediately to assess damage and determine if repairs are necessary is the most cost-effective and prudent means for maintaining the roof. Some problems are obvious, and others are much harder to detect. Here are a few key things to look for immediately following a storm.

On a metal roof, professionals will look for dents in the shingles and vented areas that may have formed due to hail damage. Missing or removed panels will also be easy to identify.

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While metal roofs are designed to withstand higher winds and severe weather, they are still susceptible to damage.

Asphalt shingles are more vulnerable to weather damage than most other types of roofing. They often require a certain amount of maintenance or repair after substantial storms. Dented areas of the roof are also an indication of damage. Looking for missing or torn shingles as a result of high wind or hail is necessary. On wood tile roofs, broken or missing tiles will also be an indication of storm damage due to debris, hail or high wind.

The interiors of a building may show water stains in the attic area because of leaking. Moisture in and around insulation is another problem to check. Looking over this area will give indication as to where and to what extent leaking exists. Fallen tree limbs and other debris from storms can cause damage to not only roofing shingles and tiles but also the framing itself.

After determining the extent of roof damage after a storm, roofing professionals can often be of assistance in dealing with insurance if such a need exists. The property owner does not have to make decisions alone and without information. Contacting a qualified professional as quickly as possible will minimize damage and provide much less hassle.

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