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It is always recommended for homeowners to have an experienced Houston roofing contractor visit every few years to ensure that the roof is in good condition. However, routine roof inspections are recommended to take place every three years. If a leak forms or another problem occurs in the meantime, some damage could take place, which could result in expensive repairs. To avoid this, homeowners should take an active part in keeping the roof working the way it was designed to. Every so often, homeowners should conduct their own inspection.

This inspection can start right in the home. Leaks should be the focus of an indoor inspection, as they generally can cause the most damage. Look for wet walls, cracked or wet ceilings and condensation. In the attic, look to see if there are any holes where sunlight is coming through. Special attention should be given to areas with dormers, chimneys and skylights. When it rains, look for active leaks.

When inspecting a roof from the outside, most, if not all, of the inspection should take place from the ground. When looking at the roof shingles, the homeowner should be aware of any shingles that look broken, torn or misshapen.

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Cupped shingles could indicate that the roof is not being ventilated properly. If shingles are flapping, there is a good chance that water has gotten into the roof. The ground around the roof should be inspected as well. Granules dispersed on the ground is a good sign that the roof has been damaged.

The flashing, soffits and fascia board should also be looked at. The flashing consists of pieces of metal that protect areas of the roof that are weaker due to the presence of chimneys, skylights and valleys. If the flashing is corroded, it needs to be replaced. The soffits are located on the underside of the roof. Make sure that there are no holes and that the material has not become rotted. The fascia board is the vertical piece of wood that connects the edges of the roof to the soffits. If there are holes or evidence of rot, a roofer needs to be called out.

It is never recommended for the homeowner to go out on the roof. In addition to the danger of accidents, walking on the roof can also result in further damage to the shingles. Experienced roofers have the proper training and equipment to safely make repairs. If homeowners believe that potential damage has occurred, they should contact a local contractor as soon as possible.

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