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Although a chimney and roof may look like separate entities, they interact with one another on a rooftop due to their proximity and shared building features, such as flashing cement, step flashing and counter flashing. A leak in the roofing system can spell trouble for the chimney, while deterioration of the mortar or bricks can quickly lead to a roofing concern. With help from a chimney specialist and a local Houston roofing contractor, homeowners can keep both their roofs and their chimneys safe and fully functional.

The number one action that a homeowner can take is to have an annual chimney inspection as well as a roof inspection. The chimney's inspection should follow the guidelines set forth by the National Fire Protection Association. This organization has created three separate standards for inspections based upon the common issues that chimneys normally exhibit.

A level 1 inspection is a simple and fast overview of the chimney's structure. No ladders or other tools will be used to view the workings of the flue, cap or vents. The inspector will make sure the flue is not blocked and will ensure that all appliances and connections are correct.

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This type of inspection is basic and routine, and can typically be performed in only a few minutes.

A level 2 inspection is more involved and may be triggered by the sale of a home, a problem during the chimney's use or when the chimney is being relined or converted from wood to natural gas. This service includes using hand tools, extension ladders and video cameras to look at the entire structure from the hat to the bricks in the basement. Interior video scanning will also take place to look for cracks in the lining or obstructions in the flue.

A level 3 inspection takes place when an event in the chimney or fireplace has caused obvious or suspected damage to it or some other part of the house. The inspection will require that work crews access the home's roof, outside perimeter walls, interior walls and the basement or crawl space. Additional damage may be incurred to the walls, floors or ceilings in order to look for serious structural problems, such as burned rafters, smoke damage to drywall or charred insulation. This service also includes everything that takes place in a level 1 and 2 inspection. A fire department, home inspector, structural engineer, roofing contractor, insurance agent, fire marshal or appraisal specialist may order this type of an inspection before a house can be repaired or sold.

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