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Homeowners who have an open porch or deck that is often unusable during rainstorms or extreme sunlight may wish to consider the installation of an additional porch roof. Not only can a porch roof make the space more enjoyable during the summer, it can also make outdoor space usable during rain showers, and it can protect the deck or porch from hail damage. A Houston roofing contractor will take a number of steps in order to install a roof addition.

The first step to adding a porch roof is to evaluate the home. There are a number of factors to take into account during the evaluation. For example, the home must have the right structure to support the roof addition, and the existing roof itself must be able to handle the extra weight. This usually means that the existing roof must undergo a traditional roofing inspection. The porch or deck will also be checked to ensure that the space is level. Any electrical fixtures such as fans or lights should also be considered at this stage.

If it is determined that the roof and the home's structure can handle a roofing addition, the next step is to have a project plan drawn up. Because the new roof addition will be attached to the existing roof, any mistake could cause problems.

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A plan will keep the project under control and will help reduce any mistakes that could affect the stability of the existing roof. Additionally, the plan will ensure that the style of the roof addition matches the existing roof.

The next step is to begin the project. Roofers will install the support posts. The support posts will be buried into the ground in concrete to keep them stable. Once the concrete has dried, the top plate will be attached to the support posts. After ensuring that the top plate is level, roofers can then install the rafters or trusses depending on the existing roof style. The roof decking and felt paper can then be added. Finally, the asphalt shingles or outer roofing materials can be installed. Because the roof addition does not extend into living space, there is no need to install insulation.

Not only can a porch roof improve the outdoor living space, it can also give a home curb appeal and increase the home's market value. It is always recommended that a professional roofer be consulted to ensure that the project is completed without a hitch.

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