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In a broad sense, insulation is any addition or part of a building that is used to manage its temperature. Insulation is important for a home in order to keep the residents cool and comfortable as well as lower energy costs by managing the amount that air conditioning or heating is used. A Sugar Land roofing specialist should be consulted before the insulation in an attic or on the roof is changed in order to ensure a properly insulated house.

The main job of insulation is to prevent heat loss. By definition, heat loss is simply temperature change and can apply to the loss of both cooled and warmed air. Every building is required to have at least the minimum amount of insulation to pass building codes. An improperly insulated building will lose heat much quicker and will not be comfortable for residents. Given the materials some insulation is made of, it is important to have routine inspections for degradation. Certain types of insulation are made of harmful materials, which can ultimately cause respiratory problems.

There are many types of insulation used in a home. The most common type is fiberglass.

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As its name suggests, fiberglass is made of tiny pieces of glass that trap air between them, which insulates the home. It is made similar to the process of cotton candy but with sand particles at very high temperatures. There is also wool insulation, which is made from wool that has been rejected for clothing and other uses due to its grade or coloring. Wool insulation does not work as efficiently as fiberglass, but it is better for health and as a renewable material. Stone wool is similar to fiberglass, but it is made of types of rock other than sand. Stone wool has similar properties to fiberglass and is much better at insulating sound. There are also many types of renewable sources of insulation, such as those made from wood cellulose that are usually more expensive.

When considering replacing insulation in a home, it is always important to contact a specialist. Insulation can be replaced by the homeowner as a do-it-yourself project, but it can be dangerous without the proper precautions. When handling insulation, gloves should always be worn. Normally, fiberglass and stone wool insulation cause tiny micro-cuts in the skin as a result of the glass fibers. A mask should be worn as well to prevent inhalation. Whenever unsure, a homeowner should hire a contractor to do the work for them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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