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Preventative maintenance and cleaning can keep a roof looking great and prolong its life. A River Oaks roofing company can help, and homeowners who clean roofs themselves should practice extreme safety and caution.

Debris from trees is a major cause of roofs getting dirty. Common types of debris include leaves, branches and acorns. Debris lands on roofs due to falling off trees, wind or being transported there by squirrels, birds and other animals. Not only is debris unsightly; it has the potential to lead to leaks and damage. For example, a pileup of leaves and sticks can prevent rain from draining off the roof. Water pools and backs up, causing leaks and rotting. The damage sometimes spreads to the interior of the home as well as to walls, sheetrock and even floors.

Debris is relatively simple to clean. Homeowners can use their hands or a broom, but they must always practice safety procedures. For optimal safety, homeowners should contact a roofing expert. With a broom or brush, homeowners need to be careful not to exert too much pressure, as that could scrape off roof granules and cut the lifespan of the roof.

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Homeowners should not pressure wash their roofs for any reason whether to remove debris or to eradicate stains. Pressure washing often invalidates a warranty and tends to send granules flying off. Granules are an essential part of asphalt roofs because they shield shingles from the rays of the sun.

Homeowners should also never scrub roofs, as this method removes granules as well. Air blowing is an alternative, safe way to clean a roof of debris.

Homeowners should also consider the fact that some cleaning solutions damage shingles. Chemicals in certain solutions may also damage plants when they run off the roof and onto a yard. Homeowners should also step slowly and carefully because slipping on a dry roof is easy enough; it is more likely with a wet roof. Walking on a roof also can damage shingles and erode granules.

Algae stains, or black stains, appear on some roofs, usually on the sides that do not get much sun. This is a cosmetic problem and does not threaten the roof structure. Some cleaning methods include bleach, hot water and chemical mixes.

Homeowners should always check their roofing warranties and an expert roofer prior to starting a cleaning project. To ensure they won't damage the roof, homeowners should test cleaning solutions on any extra shingles.

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