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When the roof is leaking, setting up an appointment with a professional contractor should take top priority. Neglecting a leak can lead to damage that could be avoided if the problem is handled in a timely manner. When there is excess moisture on the shingles, in the insulation or trapped inside the roof deck, mold, rust and rot have the perfect environment to grow. Along with the higher costs of fixing these issues, the family's health can be adversely affected by mold and mildew.

However, finding where the roof is leaking can be difficult. While a leaky ceiling might be an obvious way to tell the roof is in trouble, by the time visible signs appear, a lot of damage has already been done. In addition, water problems can go unnoticed if homeowners don't know what to look for.

A roofing inspection by a qualified River Oaks roofing company can help to catch the problems, but many homeowners don't see the wisdom in having regular inspections. Even if the roof is relatively new, the potential for storm damage still exists. Nails in the flashing can work their way loose. Wind can get underneath the metal flashing, lifting it up just enough to let rainwater slip through. Wind can also cause asphalt coated shingles to lose their granules.

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Trees near the roof can drop a lot of debris on the roof. Piles of wet leaves in the gutters or sitting for extended periods in the roof's valleys can cause flashing to rust or mold spores to grow. Moisture will also cause shingles to disintegrate. Clogged gutters will interfere with how the rain drains off the roof. If the water has nowhere to go, it will sit on the shingles and eventually find its way underneath them.

This problem is particularly common at the roof's edge where the water gets past the protective flashing and into the roof deck. Once that happens, the roof will begin to leak. If the leak isn't noticed, the damage can become quite extensive.

Stains on the ceiling in the attic, bubbling or peeling paint and mold beginning to grow in the corners are all signs that the roof has been leaking for quite some time. Even problems with the electrical wiring point toward the potential for a leaking roof. To avoid having to make extensive repairs, homeowners should contact a reliable roofing company in their area for a thorough evaluation after a major storm or as soon as signs of a leak are noticed.

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