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Many consumers are intrigued by solar products. From cars to windows, solar appliances that harness the sun's power have become a key part of the environmental "green" movement. This movement has extended to the home improvement industry.

Solar roofing, also called photovoltaic roofing, has become an increasingly popular option for many homeowners and businesses in recent years because solar energy is a renewable resource. Most of these roofs are composed of solar panels that can easily absorb energy from the sun. As an alternative, these types of roofs may also be composed of solar shingles. The shingles serve the same purpose as the solar panels, but they make the roof look similar to a conventional roof, which may be more appealing to many homeowners. Both silicon and thin film shingles are available. However, solar panels are generally more durable. They are also are easier to move around if necessary. Local residents should be sure to check with River Oaks roofing company for advice on whether solar panels or solar shingles are the best option for their needs.

There are many unique advantages that solar roofing offers to homeowners. The most obvious benefit is financial. Solar roofing harnesses the power of the sun to heat one's home, saving homeowners and business owners enormous sums of money. A drop of up to 30 percent in energy costs can be expected, so they are a worthy investment.

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Solar roofing can also store extra energy. Its storage system can be used to provide electricity in the event of an outage. This extra energy can also be used if one's home needs extra power at night or when it is cloudy outside. Owners of solar roofs also do not have to worry about rate hikes. The solar panels produce energy at an equal rate for the lifetime of the roof. Solar roofs also play an important role in environmental protection. They reduce the consumption of non renewable resources, emit absolutely no pollution, reduce carbon dioxide emissions and are a source of clean, renewable energy. Solar roofs need little maintenance. An occasional cleaning is recommended to ensure that the panels continue to function properly. Like all roofs, they should also be periodically inspected by a reputable professional. Homeowners should make sure that tall trees and other objects do not block the panels from the sun.

Homeowners and business owners who are interested in solar roofs should due careful research to find out which options are the best for them. Solar roofs must be carefully constructed so that the panels or shingles are at the right angle to maximize their exposure to the sun.

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