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With so many colors of asphalt shingles available to today's homeowners, some people wonder what the big deal is in choosing white versus brown, gray, black or any other color. Surprisingly, there are a variety of consequences that are based upon the color of shingles that a home sports. Because River Oaks roofing companies have access to nearly every color of shingle available, property owners should know the benefits of choosing one shade over another.

Black is the most popular color of asphalt shingles available for use on houses. It is also usually the least expensive choice. Some homeowners' associations even require that houses have this color of roofing. Most traditional or Colonial styles of homes have black shingles. However, black shingles promote the urban heat island effect. This can make the air around the home and throughout the community hotter than it otherwise would be on a sunny summer day. The interior of the home also gets much hotter when the exterior roofing material is dark. This is because dark colors absorb more of the sun's heat energy.

White shingles reflect as much of the sun's energy as possible.

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A home with white or pale colored asphalt shingles will not have as much excess heat in the attic area. However, white shingles show stains more easily. Rust stains and dark stains from rooftop algae growth may quickly discolor a white roof. If the exterior of the house has white siding, paint or stucco, a white roof may not be very aesthetically appealing.

Many homeowners choose shingles in shades of brown and gold. Spanish mission homes look fantastic with this color option. Rust stains would naturally blend in with brown shingles. These colors also compliment many shades of home siding. Although a brown or golden roof would absorb more heat than a white one, it would still remain cooler than a black rooftop.

Another popular option for the home is green shingles. Green pairs well with a home that has white, beige or light brown siding. Algae and rust stains are more difficult to detect on a green roof.

Rounding out the most popular colors for asphalt shingle roof replacements is gray. This neutral color can be used on a home of any color. Gray shingles are particularly popular on homes with a mansard style of roof, due to the great amount of shingle exposure. Gray shingles are also popping up on homes in the Cape Cod and modern architectural styles.

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