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A roof is more than just the top of a home; it also has the important job of protecting the inside of a home from weather and keeping water from getting inside and causing damage. Due to the fact that a roof is likely to get rained on, have things dropped on it and experience constant exposure to the sun, wear and tear can cause extensive problems over time.

There are three main factors that determine the lifespan of a roof: The environment the home is in, how well it is cared for and the materials it is made with. People living in temperate climates with little in the way of inclement weather, such as hurricanes and tornadoes, are likely to see much less damage to their roof over time.

On the other hand, people living in areas with extreme climates, either very hot or very cold weather, will see more wear and tear on their roof. Outside of moving to a different location, there is not much to be done about the effects of local climate.

However, having a Sugar Land roofing service do regular inspections and keep up with maintenance and repairs can make a significant difference. Local roofing services will be familiar with the potential issues that can develop and how to deal with them.

The roofing contractors from Houston Restoration Services of Sugar Land TX can answer any questions about storm damage or commercial roofing.

Even if a roof is damaged due to a major storm, prompt repairs can prevent damage from spreading and reduce repair costs.

How a roof is built and what it is made of are also part of determining how long it will last. The most common type of shingle is an asphalt shingle. They are the least expensive, but asphalt shingles tend to need replacement after 30 years. Tile shingles can last 100 years or more, but they are far more expensive, and they also require a building that is able to support their far greater weight.

Having good weatherstripping and a roof deck made of appropriate materials can also help a roof last longer. Weatherstripping provides an extra barrier for keeping out water, so it is important this material is durable so that water cannot leak through and damage both a roof and the inside of a home.

An experienced contractor is also an essential part of a roof that will last as long as possible. It is important that homeowners select a roofing company that is experienced and able to work with whatever roofing materials are being used.

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