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Many different supplies go into the construction of a home's roof. Whether a rooftop is built along with the house or the structure is being renovated, the careful selection of materials is needed in order to insure the longevity and durability of the roofing system. An experienced Sugar Land roofing contractor can help homeowners understand all the different types of trusses that can be used to create the internal support system for a residential roof.

A pitched truss is the most commonly used type for houses. It comes in a variety of sizes and can be made of wood or steel. These trusses provide good support and stability and offer different pitches to protect the building from the elements.

The next most common truss style is the Pratt truss. It consists of two parallel beams with additional beams situated diagonally between them. While this configuration is stronger than all other truss types, it is also more expensive and difficult to install. It is ideal for use in homes that will have a slate or clay tile roof, as it can easily support the extra weight.

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Queen's post trusses are less commonly used and are a good choice for small sections of roof, such as over a finished porch or a three season room. This structure uses two vertical beams connected to a horizontal beam. One additional beam is located on the side of each vertical section and is installed at an angle to deflect the roof's weight.

King's post trusses are another option that home builders can select. Used on small structures like an outdoor shed or lean to, this style uses two angled beams that connect to a vertical support beam. This style cannot support a great deal of weight and is most often used with rubber, rolled roofing or asphalt shingles.

Vierendeel trusses are strong and offer a unique configuration of vertical support beams with large open rectangular spaces interspersed between them. This style resists wind and uplifting, which could make it good for use in areas prone to severe weather systems like tornadoes and hurricanes.

Parallel trusses may also be used on a house. This structure uses two vertical beams that support horizontal beams. As a standard construction method, it is typically used to support the floors of a home but can also be used for green or living roofs that are flat. This style can support many times its weight, making it a good choice to hold up a rooftop patio as well.

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