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The importance of being properly and fully insured cannot be understated. It is important for the protection of both the contractor and the client. Most professional Sugar Land roofing contractors carry the insurance they need, but it is always essential for a customer to inquire about a contractor's insurance before hiring them for a job. Professional contractors are usually transparent about their insurance coverage and should be able to provide any client with the relevant documents upon request.

From the contractor's perspective, insurance is an important protection against possible lawsuits or injuries that could occur on the job site. Roofing is especially hazardous, and it carries a greater risk of injury than many other types of construction jobs. If a contractor is injured on site, it is unlikely that the homeowner's insurance will cover the cost of the damages. Instead, the contractor should have a form of worker's compensation setup through their company. If the contractor is independent, he or she should have general insurance that will cover work related accidents.

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Liability comes into play for a contractor, should a client disagree with them about their work, or if the contractor inadvertently causes damage to the client's property during the course of a job. It is important for contractors to carry insurance in the instance that a client decides to file a lawsuit against them for a work related grievance. A client may disagree about the quality of the work or seek restitution for property damage. Insurance can usually cover the costs of replacing a customer's property or dealing with lawsuits. The cost of these unfortunate events is often enough to bankrupt contractors that do not carry insurance. There may also be legal ramifications for not carrying insurance or advertising false coverage to clients.

A customer also needs the assurance that having a properly insured contractor provides. Many customers mistakenly believe that their homeowners insurance will cover them in case a contractor causes damage to their property. This is often not the case, and the customer will be forced to pay out of pocket for damages or to file a lawsuit against the contractor. Accidents and mistakes are relatively common in roof construction jobs. Accidental fires, water damage from broken pipes and damage to electrical wiring occur frequently. A customer should never assume that it will never happen to them or take the risk of working with any contractor or company that does not have full insurance.

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