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The installation of metal roofing materials offers homeowners multiple enticing benefits, such as a longer life cycle, a lighter structure, an easier installation process and better fire resistance. However, these great benefits can be outweighed by the potentially severe drawbacks that accompany a metal roof installation. Enlisting the help of a Sugar Land roofing professional can help homeowners weigh the pros and cons of installing a metal roof, aiding them in making a decision that will be beneficial in the long run.

One of the most severe upfront drawbacks to installing a metal roof is the price. Metal roofing materials are priced about the same as premium, high end materials. This high price, though it may be worth it in the long run due to metal roofing's long life, is a definite negative to installing a metal roof. In some cases, it is not just a consideration but a complete deal breaker, especially for homeowners trying to install a new roof on a budget.

The cost of entry is not the only high price metal roof owners will pay because even small repairs can be quite pricey and frequent.

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Metal is durable, but it is also known to dent; thus, homeowners living near golf courses should probably stay away from installing a metal roof. One shanked ball can result in a permanent and ugly ding. Dent removal services exist, but if the mar is severe enough, the entire panel containing the damage will have to be replaced. This is a huge advantage that shake and shingle roofs have over metal panels because repairs and replacements can single in on the damaged area, not an entire section of roof.

Metal roofs are also much louder than traditional asphalt or wood choices. While to some homeowners this can be seen as a benefit, most will grow to be annoyed by the constant pinging rain drops or hail will provide. Hail can put quite a few dings in a metal roof as well. The noise factor can be mitigated by placing sound insulation materials in between the home and the metal roof material, but this can again be pricey, adding to the cost of a metal roof installation.

Installing a metal roof can have huge benefits, but their drawbacks are also something to think about when considering which material to ultimately go with. After all, roofs are an investment homeowners will be living with for a long time.

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