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While slate tile roofs have some of the longest lifespans of all types of roofing materials, they do eventually need to be replaced. Most homeowners will not have dealt with slate roofing replacements because the material typically lasts for 50 to 70 years. With some help from a local Sugar Land roofing service, homeowners can sort through all the options and understand the intricacies of installing a new set of these beautiful and durable tiles.

The initial step is making a selection from all the different styles and colors of slate tiles offered by manufacturers. Shading is different with each batch and cannot always be controlled like the color of asphalt shingles. An experienced roofing contractor can help property owners choose the best size and shape of tiles for the roof's pitch and size.

Once some attractive tiles have been chosen and are ready for installation, the roofing team will come to the home and perform a tear off of the old roofing materials. If the roof already has slate adhered to its surface, the tiles will be individually removed. Worn slate tiles can often be recycled and turned into other items or crushed and used as an aggregate in concrete and other building materials.

If any problems like rotted wood decking, torn waterproof barriers or damaged trusses are found, the roofers will take care of this as well.

Roofers from Houston Restoration Services of Sugar Land TX can answer any question about remodeling or residential roofing.

Some homeowners prefer to have some insulation applied to the rooftop when new roofing is put onto the house. Foam core board insulation is a good choice for installation underneath a slate roof because it is lightweight and will last as long as the slate does.

Once any insulation is placed, then one or more layers of roofing felt will be installed. After this, the crew will start to place individual slate tiles. The roofers will start at the bottom of one side of the roof and work across it to lay the first row, using specialty roofing nails to secure each tile into place. To begin the next row of tiles, a half tile will be used to create a staggered look. If more than one color of tile is being used, the workers will lay the tiles according to the desired pattern. Any flashing that is needed will be put into place as the installation team moves across the roof. This is to ensure that the flashing is correctly overlapping the tiles. Once the installers get to the roof's peak, they will put on the ridge cap.

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